Analyst Workbench

A new way to work with datasets

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The Analyst Workbench© – a Business Planning Network© application that integrates a vast library of market-leading forecast data from multiple vendors with the world’s first Knowledge-Based Analytics© for easy-to-use, high-value analyses.


Interactive Tables©

Manipulate data from multiple sources, use custom expressions to create new series, and leverage proprietary Knowledge-Based Analytics© including unit and currency conversions, inflation adjustments, and causal factor discovery. Quickly and easily create dynamic presentations to support forecasting, data mining, trend analysis, modeling, experimentation and more. Export your Interactive Tables to Excel and share in Collaboration Dashboards.

Excel Reports©

Integrating BPN and Microsoft Excel allows users to combine Knowledge-Based Analytics© and dynamic, asynchronous data sources with Excel’s flexibility and computational power. In addition, Excel analyses can be distributed throughout BPN while simplifying issues such as version control, model maintenance, and security.

Collaborative Dashboards©

BPN supports planning and analysis tasks across organizations and communities through dynamic, collaborative dashboards. Share dashboards by email or via user groups. Leverage collaboration capabilities and increase the productivity of your team. Create new, high-margin business models that deliver periodic analyses to your clients and update all subscribers in one click while protecting your proprietary intellectual property.